Learning from Near Death Experiences


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  1. There are many things we are not supposed to understand while on Earth, our physical minds are not able to contain the greatness of God.
  2. After we die we will judge ourselves and will see ourselves with more clarity than is imaginable on Earth.
  3. We should never tell others how to live their lives, it is not our right. The best we can do is send them loving thoughts.
  4. God acts towards us like a good father is to his children, always with love and support even when we make mistakes.
  5. Life on Earth is like a school, it can be very hard but the more good things we sow here, the more we can reap in the other existence.
  6. The most important thing we can do in this life is to love, ourselves and all others.
  7. Life on Earth is like a movie that we that we are to learn from and grow spiritually.
  8. We are not alone in the vast universe, and we are all connected.
  9. I experienced a joy with which there are no words to explain.
  10. I learned that we are present on this Earth to love. To show it and feel it towards everyone, and also to love ourselves.
  11. It felt like I was moving unbelievably quickly through a tunnel, but couldn't see any sides to it.
  12. I had 360 degree vision and could see everything all around me.
  13. The life review was like a movie in which I was taken back to each moment in my life and experienced the feelings of myself and everyone else present.
  14. While watching each moment of my life review, I was able to experience each event through the emotions of everyone there.
  15. During the life review I was amazed how my actions and choices rippled through the lives of countless others.
  16. I felt as if I were finally 'home' and was returning to where I had come from.
  17. I learned what we as a species need to do to solve our problems, and that our planet and its people need healing.
  18. I experienced every incredible feeling that I will never be able to describe.
  19. My near death experience was undoubtedly the most transformative experience of my life.
  20. Since my near death experience I've tried to live my life with the love that I experienced while on the spiritual plane.
  21. A light began as a pinprick in the darkness, and began to grow larger and brighter as I got closer to it.
  22. We did not communicate with words but directly with thoughts.
  23. I saw how that when I showed love it spread like wildfire.
  24. Consciousness is the signal, the brain is the receiver.
  25. I was communicating with the light and was one with it at the same time.
  26. I had a feeling of complete contentment and an overwhelming sense of peace that really cannot be described.
  27. In the void everything was silent and I felt content to sit there forever.
  28. I saw a massive ball of unbelievable brightness and knew immediately that this was God.
  29. I stopped at the top of the tunnel and a strange feeling came over me that I had arrived.
  30. I tried to stay but it was clear that it was not my time. I was being drawn back towards the tunnel.
  31. I had a feeling of overwhelming love that seemed to originate from and saturate the entire place.
  32. I was told that I could stay but that God wanted me to go back because I was part of the plan.
  33. Those who know me believe in my experience. Those who don't believe try to give me an explanation of what they think I experienced.
  34. The light began to enter the room in the corner of the ceiling. Then my energy began leaving my body and flowing into the light.
  35. Energy was flowing into the ball of light and also flowing out from it as well, heading out to various directions of the multiverse.
  36. I was shown visions of my life, and also of other lives that I had lived. I was shown key points in all of them.
  37. I encountered familiar energies of loved ones who had passed during my current lifetime and other lives I had lived.
  38. I was shown some of what my future held as my purpose in this life was revealed to me.
  39. Everything was much more real than I had ever known reality to be, and time no longer existed.
  40. My NDE made me much more appreciative of the time I get to spend with loved ones, family is now my focus.
  41. Most people cannot understand what I am talking about when I try explain my NDE to them. I have a harder time connecting to people than I used to.
  42. After my NDE the experiences and concerns of most people seem so trivial and self-centered.
  43. Since my near death experience I can sometimes hear the thoughts of others and receive visions of their lives. I can read their energy and have deja vu often.
  44. As I lost consciousness, I became aware that I remained lucid and knew what was going on. I began to feel a huge sensation of lightness and peace.
  45. I went towards the stars intuitively and a scene unfolded before me that I had never seen or expected in my Earthly life.
  46. One of the divine beings communicated with me telepathically and said: 'We are all one and the same, no one is separated from anyone.'
  47. The divine being told me: 'We are all the Beings that God created.'
  48. There aren't words to explain it but I was shown my spirit. I was being shown my life from the moment of my birth. Not on Earth but when split from God.
  49. Before I was born, I existed as part of God and was split from God to come to Earth. The reason for this division has always been for spiritual advancement.
  50. I learned that the real objective of being incarnated is to express our true essence, that of God the creator of all.
  51. I learned that eventually we will all unite as one with God without ever losing our individuality.
  52. I understood that no hell or destiny exists. As part of God we are all able to create our lives in accordance with the emotions we feel.
  53. Our beliefs create our reality so that we can manifest the divine on the astral plane.
  54. I fell to the floor in the hallway after being unable to breathe. What happened next was life changing.
  55. I could suddenly see my body from above, with all the doctors working furiously to revive me.
  56. It was so beautiful and I realized that life on Earth is like film that hasn't been developed. Only when we reach the other side is the film ready to be seen.
  57. There were so many colors that simply do not exist on Earth. There were flowers and colors so fantastic that our physical brains can't comprehend it.
  58. The people we think of as dead stood very much alive in front of me. However they looked much younger than I remembered them on Earth.
  59. A loving Being who was standing behind me showed me my current life. The love was so strong that I didn't want to turn around, but I think it was Jesus.
  60. I saw myself as not as good as I thought I was and was ashamed of myself. There was much that I had to do and I needed to improve as a human being.
  61. I understood that it is not only the actions we do, but the thoughts that we send out that matter even more.
  62. I realized that doing good deeds towards others is important, but the feelings and thoughts you send them matter even more.
  63. I learned that doing something like smiling politely at someone while sending negative thoughts towards them is not right. We are to love and accept everyone.
  64. I understood that as you sow, you shall reap. My life review showed my that I had little to reap. I wanted to come back to my Earthly life to sow more love.
  65. I was sent back through the tunnel and returned to the hospital room where my body lay.
  66. I wanted to stay in the spiritual world where I was so happy and felt so wonderful. But I did come back and had a hard time adjusting.
  67. The loving Being is the strongest presence in my life. I can always draw on it to get through whatever difficulties I may face.
  68. Our origin and true home is in the spiritual world with God. We all return there when we have finished our tasks in this life.
  69. I am much more aware of the thoughts I send out, and I know that love and positive thoughts are what mean something here on Earth.
  70. I have learned how important it is to be present and to listen to people and send them loving thoughts.
  71. We should not seek to gain money, power, titles and so forth. All those things will mean nothing when we have our life review.
  72. Many people commit suicide in our time, and I understand them. They have not been able to endure life on Earth and God understands that.
  73. People who commit suicide will not meet any condemnation on the other side. God will help them through all their difficulties.
  74. The life review of those who have taken their own lives will not be easy. Their roots are chaos and they can't find the source of their problems.
  75. It is difficult for God to communicate with us because we are so consumed by materialism and egoism.
  76. It is not God's intention for all the evil in the world: wars, violence, crime. They are caused by our own human ego and self-centeredness. Humans contain both good and evil.
  77. I was in a state of total peace that I had never known before that moment and have not known since.
  78. I didn't pay much attention to my body laying face down after the accident because two beautiful, wispy golden lights were coming towards me.
  79. We went upwards very fast and were suddenly in a wondrous place of bright-colored landscapes. There were unbelievable plants and I felt their consciousness.
  80. I was instantly in a place of golden light and pure love. I was standing in an area of light with no boundaries, the love was incredible.
  81. The beings were my grandmother and my dad, but not as I knew them on Earth, but who they really are. They were beings I have known for eternity.
  82. I remembered that part of me had been away on Earth, at school. They were so glad that I was back, and admired me for being gone.
  83. I learned that we come to Earth many, many times. I also knew that there were other places besides Earth.
  84. We come to Earth to learn and to grow up, we learn far more here on Earth than we can on the other side.
  85. The pain and joy that we experience on Earth teaches us so much about love and goodness because we experience the lack of it. It is a powerful lesson that we have to learn.
  86. From time to time I am visited by the presence of the Love I knew during my experience. It covers and consoles me and helps me continue on my path here.
  87. I felt myself being sucked back into my body. It's like when a vacuum cleaner gets plugged up and the air flow stops suddenly, it's a jolt coming back.
  88. I know that we are immortal beings living successive mortal lives, but I don't why other than to learn and grow.
  89. I lifted out of the hospital and continued to ascend. I started browsing through time and saw events from my short life. There were no questions or unknowns and time wrapped in on itself.
  90. I see that I am standing on ground that is not Earth and I know that I have just passed to the other side.
  91. The voice had the sound of a boom of authority and sweet loving kindness at the same time. It said, 'You are here because you have come to me often.'
  92. My NDE is my joy and my new life. Since then I only want to share that we are made of something incredible and so loved by God.
  93. I found myself floating above a person lying in bed and did not make the connection at first, that this was my body.
  94. I remember things from my experience, but it's like they all happened at once. Time ceased to exist.
  95. The light was love and understanding. It was outside of me, through me, and within me. It was home, I've never felt a love like this since.
  96. I felt with absolute clarity how I felt and how the other person felt through my actions, words, and thoughts. I saw how there were many times I should have acted differently, it was a humbling experience.
  97. There was a total clarity there, and it had nothing to do with my self or ego but everything to do with what I came into this life to do, to learn, experience and grow.
  98. I always had great existential doubts about the universe, humanity, and death. My experience relieved me of so much of the weight associated with my doubts.
  99. From the point of view of my rational mind, I never believed in anything beyond what we experience on Earth because there was no rational or provable explanation.
  100. I suddenly felt like I had been fired upward, like a rocket at a great speed. There was a sound like a combined beep, hum, and vibration all at once.
  101. I was going into a space where everything around me was more real than anything I had ever experienced in life. It's hard to describe the sensation of extreme reality that I felt.
  102. This world that we all know is kind of like something made of plastic compared to the world I was in during my experience.
  103. I felt a huge ecstasy of love, something that can't be described and that you have never experienced in this life.
  104. I felt more like 'myself' than I ever had before. I felt an empowerment of myself yet did not feel inferior or superior to anything or anyone around me.
  105. I felt as if this place was my own true home, because I had the feeling of being safe, protected, and welcomed.
  106. There was a feeling of creation or consciousness because everything I thought about took form instantly before me.
  107. I felt peace and tranquility inside and out. There was complete serenity wrapped in a feeling of timelessness and eternity.
  108. I had no memory of what it is be a human or anything associated with it like eating, sleeping, or travelling. At that moment I had no memory of the identity I now have.
  109. Coming back felt like I had to fit into a small, narrow and dense container that was my physical body. I felt tremendous heaviness and that my body weighed tons.
  110. I found that I wanted to go back to the other existence, where everything was more real and I was more myself than ever.
  111. As I came back to my body I saw that I could not perceive things in the same way as on the other side. I experienced what felt like a cheap substitute of the emotions I felt during my NDE.
  112. I asked myself: 'Could it all have been a hallucination?' I concluded: 'No.' What happened was more real than anything I experienced in life on Earth.
  113. The world I am in now is the dream, and the world I had just come from was the reality. I did not feel as if I was of this world, and felt more that I was from the other.
  114. What I experienced wasn't in any way a hallucination or vision. It was very real, more real than the life that we know on Earth.
  115. I tried to find some kind of rational explanation for where I had been, and wanted to convince myself that what happened could not be true.
  116. I felt everyone should have this experience in order to overcome the fear of death and most of all to get beyond the fear of living life as we would actually like to live it.
  117. If anyone had told me their near death experience story before my experience, I would have thought they were crazy and that it had been a product of their imagination.
  118. I was looking at everyone and everything in that hospital with what I can only describe as 'through the eyes of God'.
  119. I saw the people in the operating room for who they really truly were. I saw their souls as if through the eyes and heart of God. I saw them and loved them, each and every person.
  120. It was very clear, and very certain that we are all very important to God. We are deeply, deeply loved by God and that life is supposed to be hard but that Earth is some sort of proving ground.
  121. The message was that our lives are extremely important to God and to the existence of the universe.
  122. The love we have and cultivate on Earth somehow expands the universe and does other very important things that I'm not able to recall exactly.
  123. Human beings are beloved by God and our choice in how to act is given to us to prove God.
  124. One of our tasks on Earth is to find out how break through all the walls we erect to hide who we are. We need to really love each other and love ourselves.
  125. We are supposed to learn from our failures and not beat ourselves up over them. We are to find a way to forgive ourselves because in the real reality, there is only Love.
  126. The message I received seemed to say that if we could not find a path to love, then we are destroying something very precious.
  127. I realized that when we pray for someone, we actually send our soul-self to their side. It is an act of love that makes creation.
  128. What impressed me the most at the moment I knew I was dying was that I did not feel any pain or fear. I made the decision to let go and concluded to myself 'It's okay'.
  129. An inner realization filled me that the life I had just lived was exactly right and good the way it was. This realization held no sadness or worry. I seemed to have escaped from the feeling of 'time'.
  130. My consciousness had separated from my body and I seemed to be next to it. I was watching like an observer or a bystander.
  131. I turned around and was looking into the loving eyes of a tall glowing figure of light. The being seemed to fill the whole room with its presence.
  132. I learned what it means to really accept the body for what it is: a vessel that enables us to have our experiences in duality as a human. The vessel wants to be inhabited by our higher consciousness.
  133. I was allowed to consciously say 'yes' to myself and being human, and to return to my body.
  134. Since my experience, everything is different. I am not searching anymore, only finding. I feel no pressure but a unconditional 'yes' to myself and this world and the way I am allowed to experience it.
  135. The entire universe collapsed down to a single center on which everything depends for its existence. It is the 'light' of pure consciousness which illuminates all things.
  136. The events of my life up to that point were reviewed in an unhurried and nonjudgmental way, not in chronological order but somehow all at once.
  137. The transcendental state of consciousness ended and I reverted back to the normal waking state.
  138. I have never experienced anything before or since that comes anywhere close to being as real and profound as the state of consciousness I experienced.
  139. I felt that no one or nothing had put those people in captivity except their belief in the agony they continued to suffer.
  140. As far as the eye could see were people walking on barren yellow ground with their heads down, completely engrossed in their own depressed self-pitying thoughts.
  141. I learned that I am eternal and even though I may experience many forms of death, I will always know who I am.
  142. The light itself spoke to me and I knew that it was God, the power that created the whole universe.
  143. I looked down at my body and saw that it was made of white light and had a luminous human form.
  144. Death is a part of the lessons we are to learn while on Earth, and my death was an important lesson for those involved in my life.
  145. We discussed secrets of the soul that humans must forget, otherwise we would never be able to thrive on Earth.
  146. I let go of my breathing and trying to save myself and allowed whatever was happening to me to simply happen.
  147. I suddenly felt very safe, like I was being enveloped and protected by what I can only describe as unconditional love.
  148. There were no limits whatsoever, I could go wherever I wanted and know whatever I wished. The sense of freedom was inexplicable.
  149. When I reached the point of light I found myself in a world of light. Everything in this place was made of light and radiated it.
  150. I knew without knowing why that this was the place where everyone gets to when they die, regardless of who they were and what they had done while living on Earth.
  151. I felt like I had come home after a long, difficult journey in a foreign country, and the being before me knew me better than anyone else in all creation.
  152. The being of light knew absolutely everything about me. It knew all I had ever thought, said or done and showed me my whole life in an instant.
  153. Every single thought and feeling I had had was there, nothing was missing. I could experience the feelings and thoughts of all others involved with me, I could almost become them.
  154. The being did not judge me in any way during the life review, even though I saw many shortcomings in my life.
  155. The being of light showed me that all that is really important in life was the love we felt, the loving acts we performed, the loving words we spoke. Everything that was done without love was undone, it didn't matter.
  156. Love is all that is really important, only love is real. Everything we do lovingly is as it is supposed to be.
  157. The love we felt during our lives was all that was left when all the perishable things in life had vanished.
  158. We spoke directly, without words from mind to mind, or from spirit to spirit. There was no need to hide anything from anyone and it was not possible to do so.
  159. The love healed me and swept away all the darkness, pain and sorrow I had accumulated during my life on Earth. Earth and the life I had lived there felt almost like it had never existed at all.
  160. Spaceless space, timeless time. In this place there was only pure being.
  161. A living light that was everything, it was the essence of everything and all.
  162. Life on Earth, with its darkness, pain, sorrow, limits and limitations seemed like a horrible prison compared to this wonderful place. I simply refused to go back. However I was told that it was not my time.
  163. The being of light told me: 'Never forget, in reality there is no time, only eternity itself.'
  164. My near death experience taught me as much about living as about dying, and it continues to do so.
  165. Coincidence is a lazy word we use when we don't see the bigger picture.
  166. I learned that we are all connected, and that all of life is precious. Also that finding love within us is hard work, and that we must generate more love more often.
  167. I could sense spirits that were in the shadows, and understood they wouldn't look into the light, mostly because of the religious indoctrination they had lived by while on Earth.
  168. I could see myself as I am now, yet in a perfected state. I was somewhat overweight in my physical body, but was in perfect form on that side.
  169. I was the only one to judge my actions. I remember feeling so bad that I had hit a frog with a stick as a young child.
  170. Have a great day, because it is a choice, like everything in our lives here on Earth.
  171. Denial before death is always natural, because it always seems that the experience is very surreal.
  172. There was no more physical pain, but I still could hear my body and last kicks against the bedside wall, and then nothing.
  173. I could sense others out there who wallowed in great sorrow like nothing else mattered.
  174. The knowledge that we have a home to go to when we have finished life's lessons and labor is a comfort for me.
  175. I knew there was no point in further struggle as I breathed in the water, and everything went black. But only for a moment.
  176. In the instant I realized that I had died, total knowledge of reality appeared to me and I saw the multi-dimensionality of the universe.
  177. My consciousness expanded so far beyond the physical plane that I was no longer aware of it, and I was also no longer aware of myself.
  178. I was suddenly whisked away and began traveling through a vortex toward a beautiful white light in the far distance.
  179. There was no fear, no anxiety, and no worry. I felt as if I had done this before and was remembering that I was going home.
  180. I had no sense of a body, and no feeling of limitations or boundaries. However I was still me and was aware that I was having this experience.
  181. A whole new reality was revealed, it was similar to our physical world but in this higher vibration it was more colorful, more beautiful and amazing than anything on Earth.
  182. It is hard to explain the experience because of its intensity. The senses are all-encompassing impressions that flood into your being all at once.
  183. Words are very inadequate to describe my experience because all the senses are wrapped up in each other. The senses are extremely heightened and do not work like they do here.
  184. The presences were more like potential electrical power, they were energy that simply existed.
  185. The being communicated a feeling with the idea of: 'You can stay if you want, or you can go back. But if you go back, you have to do something.'
  186. What we seek to achieve on Earth is often not the best use of our time, because we are here only briefly.
  187. There seemed to be a collective consciousness who welcomed me and at the same time conveyed that I could decide to stay or go back.
  188. The decision to return was based on the knowledge that I had not finished my life and that there were things to accomplish and fulfill.
  189. I went into a dark place where there was nothing around me, but I was not scared. It was very peaceful there.
  190. I was able to see that the better I made others feel and the better emotions they had because of me would give me credit in the next existence, and the bad ones would take some of it back.
  191. I remembered that something was keeping me from entering the light and after I analyzed it, I realized that grudges I held towards some people were responsible.
  192. I had to forgive the people I held bad feelings towards in order to purify myself from all negative thoughts.
  193. I can't explain the feeling except that I thought I would die because the feelings of love were so strong.
  194. I was given the answer that there are thousands of planets that have a higher evolution than humans know on Earth.
  195. I didn't want to come back to Earth, because I had just come from a place of infinite love and beauty.
  196. There is no death, we simply 'move on' and continue to evolve in our journey back to the Light.
  197. Everything is always experienced in the now, including the past and the future.
  198. My consciousness was making the transition from one realm to the other, I was becoming more aware of other realities in other dimensions.
  199. I have since realized that a lot of dying people go through the state where they are experiencing other dimensions simultaneously because we are actually multidimensional beings.
  200. We actually never really sleep, only our bodies do. We are always aware and active on one level of consciousness or another.
  201. The dreams we have while sleeping indicate that our consciousness is always active. Our bodies need to rest so we can access other aspects of our consciousness and being.
  202. The transition from being alive on the physical plane and passing to the other side is like passing from one 'room' to another. Your consciousness does not end but shifts to a different vantage point.
  203. I was totally and completely enveloped in divine Love. My experience became a peace that surpasses all understanding.
  204. I was in a constant state of awe. There were also always beautiful beings around me, giving help and guidance and pouring love into me. I was never alone.
  205. It was like watching a movie of my life where everything happened simultaneously. Viewing your entire life with every action, thought, and deed can be very unsettling.
  206. No one passed judgment on me during or after my life review. I realized that we judge ourselves, there is no being sitting on a throne passing judgment upon us.
  207. I was no longer identifying with my physical or 'ego self' but rather from my 'soul self' that was much more detached and not prone to becoming emotionally charged.
  208. The best way I can describe my spirit body is that I felt like a bubble. I could float around and move effortlessly, I felt kind of hollow inside and so clear.
  209. One scene from my 'tour' revealed a kind of purgatory where faceless grey colored entities moved around and moaned.
  210. I saw some of these souls as being 'damaged', they had committed horrible acts in their previous incarnations and were now suffering in the spiritual plane.
  211. It was given to me to understand that all souls, without exception, eventually return to the Light.
  212. I was shown images of people I know and knew in my present life, but while viewing them from the other side I understood that they were events from the future. Everything is always in the 'now', even past and future.
  213. I was shown the people I knew who had severely violated me and how they were to suffer later on in their lives. I felt deep compassion for them while realizing that their suffering was unavoidable.
  214. I was shown those who had committed terrible acts toward me and how they were to suffer in the future as a karmic result of their decisions and actions.
  215. There was an opportunity to experience great joy, feeling so light and completely without worry or fear.
  216. I would simply think of something and it would instantly manifest before me. I only had to think of a place and there I would be.
  217. I learned that we co-create with the Light, and that we are also part of the Light.
  218. No matter what happens God will always be in control and there to see things through, despite any shortcomings due to us as souls.
  219. It was amazing to realize the we as souls are a part of creation that also gets to take part in the actual creative process of creation.
  220. I could never be alone because I would never be alone. It is not possible to be alone because life and love is everywhere.
  221. On the other side you exist as a soul, not centered in ego or personality.
  222. I needed to go back to let others know that life is indeed eternal and that death is an illusion.
  223. Rather than the term 'Near Death Experience' I would prefer to call it an 'Eternal Life Experience'.
  224. My experience left me feeling such a profound sense of triumph and awe.
  225. I learned that fear is an acquired state, it is not a natural one. Fear is something you learn but it has no connection to the soul itself.
  226. Love is the prevailing force at all times, no matter how things may appear in our world.
  227. I could hear the words and feel the emotions of the people around my drowning body but did not care about that and returned my attention to the fact that it did not hurt at all to die.
  228. I was amazed at how much more real and vibrant the colors and light were around me. I felt that this is real and that my body was like a coat that I had been wearing.
  229. It felt so good to be out of my body. I was free from pain, confusion and all the heaviness of life we bear on our shoulders.
  230. I was pulled out of the water. As fast as I had left my body I was pulled back in and felt very angry about it.
  231. When I came back into my body I could feel all the terror and fear it had been experiencing while drowning. I was forced to feel what the body felt even though I had not been there while it happened.
  232. I learned that the self can experience the body but the body cannot experience the self, the body is completely unaware of the self's existence.
  233. It has become obvious that my near death experience is something that many people simply cannot relate to. Some find it interesting but most, by the looks on their faces, find me odd.
  234. Before I took that breath of water, I mentally abandoned life and was immediately embraced by a profound sense of peace and calm.
  235. We are all God in that the whole body of Light that is God cannot be whole without all its parts or 'bits' of light.
  236. We are free to experience life on Earth in any way we choose, but we are not free to escape the consequences of our actions.
  237. All things began as light and then cooled and collided and finally settled into its own expression. Everything is just light.
  238. Original sin is the unavoidable condition of man as a creature that had evolved to the point of having a self aware cognition.
  239. The human need to name and understand everything in order not to fear it is a never ending process that has created our own hell and cast us out of Eden. It has separated us from nature and living in harmony with nature.
  240. The world is so full of pain and fear yet in actuality there is nothing to be afraid of.
  241. There is actually no such thing as evil, sin or hell except for the hell we create in our own fearful, ignorant minds.
  242. It is possible for any individual to create darkness in their own mind with a fear born of ignorance that turns one away from the Light, and that creates the shadow or darkness that the mind believes is there.
  243. If we turn back towards the Light and let ourselves be revealed we will become enlightened.
  244. Life was never meant to be this much of a struggle, swimming upstream against a strong current. We have to go backwards to find the truth, let go and don't be afraid.
  245. In the end all of mankind's most important pursuits: science, mathematics, art and so on have merely uncovered truths that already existed.
  246. The beautiful blue and white light in the tunnel was so bright it should have hurt my eyes, but did not.
  247. I had total recall of everything that had happened before I entered this place of light.
  248. We give birth and raise children but they belong to God. We are given the privilege of loving and teaching them for a short time and then must let them experience the world on their own.
  249. Every life comes into this world with purpose, a reason to be born. We may never know this plan or purpose for our lives but God knows.
  250. Death is never a punishment but simply a shutting of the eyes and shifting over into life again. Death is a beginning, not the end.
  251. I was shown other times when I had been prompted by my 'inner voice' to speak to or help someone in small ways but had ignored it. I understood that we should always listen to and act on these impulses.
  252. Many times in this life we refuse to give even the smallest amount of time and effort for rewards that could be so great.
  253. I saw all the times that fear or my supposed 'busyness' had caused me to turn my back on a simple act of kindness that would have touched someone else's life as well as my own. I regretted them.
  254. I saw that my life could have been very different if I had listened when I was being guided towards my correct path. I understood how stubborn and thoughtless humans can be.
  255. God has given us miracles but all too often our attitude is: 'What have you done for me lately?' It is a large pit that all humans fall into and I saw that I was no different.
  256. I have learned that I need to always remind myself that God is there and need only to stop talking long enough to listen for God's voice.
  257. I knew that I was part of this light, and that I belonged to it. I realized that I was light also.
  258. The light told me: 'You are here to learn how to love and to gain knowledge.'
  259. I learned that love is not just physical love but also the love of nature, and loving and accepting all people as the same.
  260. It's difficult to describe, but I left my body in a kind of whoosh sensation, like I had been pulled out of my head by a vacuum like force.
  261. I still find it strange that I was not surprised to see my body on the sofa below me.
  262. I was moving away from Earth and returning to being a part of something else, which was reclaiming me.
  263. I'm not able to describe the feeling adequately, but the place I was moving towards felt like home. I felt that I was expected there with open arms waiting for me.
  264. There was the sense of a great burden having been lifted from me. I had been here before and knew where I was by now, but I cannot name this place.
  265. The telepathic method of communication was familiar and I recognized the other being which I was sharing thoughts with.
  266. I sensed that it was a tragedy to have my life end so soon with really not much good being done. The feeling left me with a sense of unfinished business in this life.
  267. Love is what is at the end and at the beginning and has always been. We are all connected in this way, life is love and love is life.
  268. What I experienced is so much bigger that anything I ever came across in church or literature or through any medium. It transcends the human capacity for expression.
  269. I had no spiritual beliefs and no belief in an afterlife, God or any religion. I had never heard of Near Death Experiences and if I did I would have dismissed them as fantasy.
  270. There was not a specific life review, but I had the feeling that everything about me and my life on Earth was known, understood and not judged. I knew that I was profoundly loved.
  271. I was about six feet above the pool and I experienced an amazing feeling of total joy before coming back into my body. I believe that our bodies die but we live on.
  272. I left my body and was no longer intoxicated. My mind was completely clear and I could see everything all at once. I realized that I was nearly dead and became very upset and began to cry for help.
  273. The next phase was a sort of evaluation. I was taken back through my past from birth to the present. I was then shown key points that were to come in my life.
  274. I only recall being drawn towards a big bright light until I was in the light. It was then communicated to me that it was time to leave and back to my body I went.
  275. I sank back into unconsciousness and then suddenly was totally alert more alert than I had ever been before. I was completely free of worry, doubts, and other physical limitations and sensations.
  276. Most of the differences and distinctions we notice in the faces and bodies of others are largely exaggerations of our minds. They are the ego seeking to isolate us from our fellow beings by judging others on appearances.
  277. The physical body is merely a tool, and I felt I could discard it with the same amount of feeling I would have had for a broken hammer.
  278. There is no parallel to the way I was feeling, no chemically induced state on Earth can compare to it. On your best day on Earth you are in excruciating pain in comparison to how I felt in the out of body state.
  279. My true identity was intact and free, I felt wonderfully pure, humble and loving.
  280. Spiritual peace is the ultimate bliss stemming from the lack of sensory perceptions.
  281. I thought of my family members and their pain, problems and confusion. I knew the simple solutions for each of them but also knew they had to find their own way. Happiness is empty if someone simply hands it to you.
  282. Each of the spirits in the group had lived at one time, but the experience and wisdom of each lifetime was integral to the whole.
  283. Words form the thoughts and communication of life on Earth, but they are completely inadequate to describe the emotional communication on the spiritual plane.
  284. Only truth exists on the other side, but truth is expressed and understood emotionally, not conceptually.
  285. While on Earth we are separated from other spiritual entities and the connection to the Supreme Love. This separation causes us to be fearful and judgmental.
  286. Placing our faith in our sensory reality and the capabilities of our own intelligence forces us to live the reality of the life we create on Earth.
  287. It is true we have tasted of the Tree of Knowledge and been cast out from the emotional Garden of Eden.
  288. The Love I felt was so powerful and fulfilling that nothing else could ever be desired or needed. It goes so far beyond our egotistical, Earthly interpretations of the emotion.
  289. Love is the true force of life and all creation. It is equal to everything and all, the good and the bad. All of us who must endure Earth are a mix of good and bad, only humans on Earth make distinctions.
  290. The love we experience on Earth is very limited, and we parcel it out to a select few, with conditions.
  291. On the other side we love our neighbor as ourselves because our neighbor is ourselves. Every spirit everywhere is equally deserving of our love.
  292. The only purpose of life on Earth is spiritual growth, and that is the process of learning the wisdom of universal, unconditional Love.
  293. At the end of it all the only things that really matter are the people we help and the people we hurt.
  294. Religious dogma can get in the way of Love by introducing an egotistical and judgmental type of separatism that satisfies the tribal and barbaric disposition of mankind.
  295. Every time humans try to define God within the parameters of their structured minds they are in error. It is a formless force evenly dispersed throughout infinity.
  296. We have humanized and shaped God in our image and assigned Him a pronoun. But God is neither he, she, or it. God is simply that which is.
  297. Our humanized image of God sitting on a throne with a long white beard is a false idol similar to the golden calf described in the Bible.
  298. As I have learned more about our Earthly religions I have come to suspect that the only thing mankind has ever actually worshipped is mankind itself.
  299. During the life review we replay scenes from our lives on Earth and feel the actual pleasure, pain, or love we have caused others. We become the object of our actions.
  300. The irony is that every time we hurt someone else, we eventually hurt ourselves.
  301. Our will more closely resembles God's will in the spirit realm. Total honesty prevails and the darkness of doubt cannot pierce the light of truth.
  302. I felt no need to analyze, compare, rationalize, justify; there was no need for the fear-centric survival thought processes that define our lives on Earth.
  303. The 'final judgment' that we have been taught to fear has nothing to do with a decision between 'heaven' or 'hell'. This misunderstanding has been spread by ego-driven people who do not have full knowledge of God's love.
  304. The events of our world are not predestined by God. They are the direct result of choices made by individuals and societies.
  305. A common refrain is: 'If God were real, why would he allow such horrible things to happen?' This is incorrect, the things that happen on Earth are a result of choices made by individuals and societies.
  306. Evil eventually destroys itself and only good remains. What happens along the way is the result of the choices that are made.
  307. Every soul or spirit makes a unique contribution to the scheme of things. Therefore every life has a divine purpose, even if we never think about it or discover what it is.
  308. They made me understand that whatever I chose their love for me would not be diminished.
  309. We are true to God when we respond to the deepest urging of our soul.
  310. The voice that spoke to me was a chorus, not male or female, not loud or soft; it was deep and all encompassing.
  311. I was very afraid and worried before I blacked out, but just before I did a massive feeling of euphoria came over me.
  312. The Guide repeated: 'You must decide if you want to go or come with us.'
  313. I could feel and sense there was nothing I could think or say to this Being that was not already known. There was no way to deceive this Being through any thought or action.
  314. I was caught in the light tunnel and flew through it, surging at a light bursting toward me.
  315. I felt the many layers of burdens we live under on Earth being lifted off my shoulders: laws, ridiculous rules, bondage from churches and governments; just melted away.
  316. One of my great-grandparents showed surprise that I had arrived at the boundary. Another communicated: 'Why is he here? I thought his time was soon but not now.'
  317. All feeling ceased as blackness closed in, light shrank to a pinpoint. There was a cool sensation of wind as I fell backward into the blackness.
  318. I was knowing as the other presence was knowing, we shared knowledge instantly. However I had no interest in asking questions or seeing anything, I was completely at peace.
  319. There was a river that was silver and shimmering as it flowed. All its drops were a different color yet they flowed together as one. Each drop made up the collective experience of everything in the universe.
  320. Many are one and one are many, all existing simultaneously in the same time and space.
  321. All experiences are known at once to the collective consciousness and can be accessed and re-experienced as if they were happening again.
  322. I learned that Jesus had a regular Mom and Dad, there was no divine intervention. He had a NDE during birth and as he got older he began to tell others that after death there was a perfect state of peace and love.
  323. I shared the life experience of Jesus and learned that he told people that everyone was the same, we are all part of the divine force and can awaken to our spiritual selves.
  324. I shared the life experience of Jesus and learned that his teachings gathered a small group of followers who wanted to form a religion to replace the Jewish priests who were only concerned with money and power.
  325. I shared the life experience of Jesus and was at his trial. There were three witnesses against him, all were his followers.
  326. I was shown a long line of experiences that had taken place in other realities on other worlds.
  327. I was given insights into universes beyond universes and dimensions beyond dimensions, I experienced infinity.
  328. I saw beings and objects unlike anything I had ever seen or imagined, beyond anything the best science fiction writers have ever created.
  329. I understood that it was not my time to join the river of life, I was to go back.
  330. I understood the amazing possibilities we are capable of as humans during a physical life.
  331. I experienced clarity as to why I had the cancer and why I had come into this life in the first place. The understanding I had during my experience is almost impossible to describe.
  332. I understood that there is so much more to existence than we can conceive of in our three-dimensional world.
  333. It was given to understand that medical treatments for illnesses can remove the illness from someone's body but not from their energy; the sickness will return if the person's energy is not better as well.
  334. I was drifting between our world and the next, and every time I moved over to the other side I was shown more scenes from my life.
  335. After my experience I've realized that anything is possible and that we did not come here to suffer.
  336. My spirit left my body and a feeling of 'otherness' engulfed me. I felt weightless and calm, no longer connected to the suffering mass of flesh where I had been held captive.
  337. The light moved over and through me, removing all the hurt and fear of life on Earth. My understanding of love was changed forever.
  338. I realized I had been walking through life like a ghost, shrouded in fear and cowering under illusions.
  339. The truth of who I am, who you are, everyone; is perfect love as a creation of God. All that God has created is one and we are one with it.
  340. All consciousness is in the act of becoming.
  341. I had never felt such safety and serenity before. I had suddenly been given all knowledge, everything I had ever heard or known was swept away.
  342. I understood that Christ did not die on the cross and that sin and evil do not exist. I knew that I had existed since the moment of creation and will always exist, and that all consciousness is in the act of becoming.
  343. I felt what humans mean when we say we have free will and that everything is a choice. There is no such thing as absolutes.
  344. As I returned, I could feel how alive and vital my body was as the energy traveled through my nerve pathways to their destinations.
  345. I was able to help others in the hospital to see that they were choosing suffering and that they could choose not to suffer if they wanted to.
  346. If we only seek our answers outside of ourselves we will never find wisdom. We already have all the answers within us, if we will only look.
  347. They pulled me out of the water and as I was being carried to the medic everything went black. Shortly after, I woke up in a different world with amazing plants and animals and a booming voice asked: 'Are you ready?'
  348. As I let go in the whirlpool there was a deep element of trust involved, an inner feeling that all would be as it was supposed to be.
  349. The communicated thought took a human form and was entirely composed of luminescent rays of light. The feelings of safety, love, and peace were even greater while in its presence.
  350. Leaving my human body felt like an armor plate had been pried open, setting my real self free. I began to 'be' in multiple locations at once and knew the thoughts and actions of those close to me.
  351. I came to a living place of pure love where the waters were alive, the grass and trees were alive, much more alive than things are on Earth.
  352. There were melodies and music playing all around that were more beautiful than anything ever heard on Earth.
  353. I realized that all the beautiful things we create on Earth have their origin in Heaven. We saw these things before coming to Earth and try to recapture them here.
  354. There were many shadows of people in the darkness, shuffling around without feeling or purpose. I was told there was no point in speaking to them as they would pay me no mind.
  355. I was amazed at how my life was shown, with events that I had completely forgotten about and others that were so insignificant. I was seeing each frame of the movie of my life on Earth.
  356. I discovered that I had personally chosen to take on a physical body and have the life experience I was having.
  357. I understood that I had wasted my time with suffering and self-pity. I realized that I should have been using my freedom to choose true love, and not pain, in everything that came my way in life.
  358. I grasped that there was no judging and punishing God like many religions teach; my own mind with an expanded consciousness will judge itself and sift its actions through the filter of perfect Love.
  359. If hell exists, then it is what we will see of ourselves in the next plane with all the negative thoughts that were sent out in this life.
  360. I turned toward the light in the sky. A telepathic force poured understanding into my mind about creation, our Earth, my life and its relation to everything and eternity.
  361. A feeling of deep discovery came over me as if I had remembered something I had always known but forgotten. Human language can't really describe it but I felt my cooperative part in the entirety of creation.
  362. God is both everything and nothing, all at the same time. The Creator is eternally creating and one of the creations is the practice of conscious love.
  363. If we choose to consciously live by Love we are expressing the essence of life itself.
  364. The drugs finally overcame me. My breathing and heart slowed, then became erratic. The hallucinations stopped but I could not collect my thoughts. My eyes shut and I could not open them. I stopped trying and gave up on life.
  365. My body stopped working but 'I' was still alive. I knew it at the time and I know it now as a truth.
  366. After I died it was so quiet. There was no noise from the apartments around me, none of the rush of nearby traffic, nothing. It was so peaceful.
  367. I was being drawn to some other place from where my body was. It was not my power or conscious choice that moved me.
  368. For a moment I was so sad at the pain my death would cause those close to me. But then something changed and I was overcome by a deep, peaceful joy as all the cares and concerns of life were lifted from me.
  369. Any thoughts or emotions related to anything negative: pessimism, bitterness, despair; they were simply not possible there. I could only think: 'There is only Love. There is nothing but good.'
  370. True unconditional love sees only the beauty of the truth of love in each and every living spirit.
  371. I could only see life and myself through the Being's love. There were no negatives in myself or from the Being for anything I had done, including killing myself.
  372. The sharpness of the room around me was amazing and I could perceive an energy radiating from everything. Even the furniture and books of my room had a slight glow.
  373. I felt like I was breathing but it was not air. There was a living force flowing through me and I felt as if I were swimming in the essence of love.
  374. Any questions I had were answered before I could even ask. The being knew my desire to understand life and why we are on Earth, and I was going to be told.
  375. They shared their experiences not only with words but also by what they had perceived and felt. I understood that these souls could manifest themselves on Earth any time they desired.
  376. A soul that did not have the life experience that another shared could go and live that kind of life and experience it. I learned that we have many past, present, and future lives.
  377. On the other side our souls cannot experience negative things like pain, sorrow, hatred and anger. But it is important for us to experience them here in order to evolve into an all knowing and understanding being.
  378. I learned that our universe is one of many in a kind of Petri dish. Each universe is designed with its own rules to raise a specific being, such as humans on Earth.
  379. In order to fully experience human existence we must be separated from God. We are to search out the meaning of our own existence here on Earth.
  380. If nothing bad ever happened to us then everyone would be basically the same. Without challenges to overcome we would not be able to grow as the individual souls we are.
  381. It's true that we experience pain and suffering while on Earth, but in the grand scheme of things our tribulations here are but a fraction of a second.
  382. As our souls progress and evolve, any pain and trauma we experience on Earth is forgotten and put in perspective as part of the learning process.
  383. Humans consist of two parts: one part is the 'soul' or spiritual being that gives us the ability to reason and use logic. The other is created by the biology of the human body and creates the personality of the individual.
  384. The soul is the creative side of humankind and the biological side is what drives us to accomplish things and satisfy our needs and wants.
  385. I looked down at my body lying on the operating table and it was not a pretty sight. However I was not very concerned about it as I now saw my body as a vehicle that had carried me through the Earth school.
  386. I was aware of the big picture in regards to the past, present, and future; and that the Earth school experience was part of my evolution.
  387. All my lives seemed very interconnected yet separate. Each life experience had a focus and each contributed to an end result.
  388. Before my experience I neither believed nor disbelieved in reincarnation, but now I am sure I have been reincarnated many times.
  389. My out of body experience reinforced and intensified all the beliefs I held prior to what happened in the operating room that day.
  390. My experience opened new channels in my heart and mind. If we never change the channel we will never hear or see something different that might make us see life differently.
  391. The whole mind versus body debate now makes sense, but where science gets it wrong is in trying to pinpoint every human thought or behavior in the brain. Our consciousness is part of God.
  392. I was shown a fast yet precise movie of my entire life. I was left with a feeling as to how much good I had given and how much bad. My feeling was not bad nor extremely good but I could be satisfied with it.
  393. I was shown every time I had been selfish and chose my interests over others. I was shown all the times I had been manipulative or divisive for my own selfish wishes. I saw myself from God's perspective, the truth.
  394. I felt the pain that I had caused several times over. It felt like a beam in my chest and it was so painful that I was consumed by it. I was not that bad so I can't imagine what it would feel like to someone who did really bad things.
  395. I recognized that this being was part of the greater light and a kind of custodian of Earth, as if the being were assigned to it. This being is what many call Christ but it was not what we hear and think of here.
  396. I do not doubt that God is everything and its essence is entirely love, compassion, and forgiveness. God never refuses anything that is asked for, but most is given to those who want to draw near to God.
  397. I saw how everything I did had a life of its own. I had scratched a car with a key as a child and I felt the feelings of the owner of the car, and when he told his wife about it. I felt her pain too, and on and on, it was not a good feeling.
  398. I saw how the things I did out of love are what really matters and will make a difference for the better.
  399. I realized how fragile and beautiful the Earth is. I could sense it breathing with its own life force and could see the light around all living things. The word aura has been stamped on my mind ever since.
  400. Now I take things as they come and I do my best to do everything with love. It can be hard because we live in a world of uncertainty and people don't know who God actually is.
  401. I pray that one day the entire human race, who are the sons and daughters of God, will live on Earth with the love and peace that I now know is real. May we all come to the realization that we are one.
  402. It was strange but I seemed to know the tunnel well. However I was not interested in slowing down to observe what I saw there, I just wanted to go home.
  403. My life was shown to me as a journey where I could choose any path but had to get from start to finish. The point is not when the conditions are met, time does not exist, but that you arrive at the proper destination.
  404. I knew that this being had the answers to all questions so I asked: 'Why is there evil?' The reply: 'Because there is good.'
  405. I was made to understand that God had created me and that God loved me so much. I was created to be exactly who I am.
  406. It was explained to me that when we choose to leave the spiritual realm all memories of previous lives are removed so that we can experience life without distraction. God means life to be a good thing for us.
  407. When I got into the presence of the Light I had complete understanding, a collective yet separate knowledge of everything. All was tranquil and at peace the moment I crossed over.
  408. There is no shame, guilt, or deceit there, it is simply not possible. Everything you think, feel, or believe is clear for all to see, feel, and understand with perfect clarity.
  409. What I did my physical life was not what mattered most. Who I am inside, my soul, is what is most important. However this does not mean that my life experiences had not made a big contribution to the person I was.
  410. The effect of our actions in life on our soul cannot be lessened. Even thinking bad thoughts about others or imagining doing bad things changes the soul, and there is nothing one can do to change that.
  411. The love I felt was not something that could be comprehended with my mind, it is felt by the soul. I was awestruck by how much I was loved, still am, and forever will be.
  412. There was a great light in the distance that I wanted to move into but could not. This light is the source of the incredible love I was feeling. I now think of this light as God and I'm grateful its love was revealed to me.
  413. I was given total comprehension of life with emphasis on living life as it is given, and that we are all part of a whole.
  414. I now understand that when you hurt others you are also hurting yourself. Our actions in life affect our eternal souls and nothing will be able to change that.
  415. We should not judge, always seek understanding and help others. We should relish life, all forms of it. We are all part of one and we do not die.
  416. There is not any one 'right' religion. There are many ways to develop well being through love based, spiritual relationships.
  417. It is sometimes difficult to live in a world with so many closed-minded, callous individuals who will never comprehend or believe in anything beyond their physical existence. There is so much more to life.
  418. My experience was real and I have never doubted it despite all those who have tried to make me disbelieve it. What happened was the most true, vivid experience I have ever had in my life.
  419. I even saw myself as a child stealing candy from a store and thinking: 'Whew! No one saw me.' Actually someone did see me, but God does not judge, God only loves us with a force we cannot comprehend on Earth.
  420. I was not allowed to come back with all the universal knowledge I received. But one of the things I do recall is that we are eternal beings who will always exist.
  421. God has a fantastic sense of humor, I have never laughed so much. We laughed about how I had reacted so seriously to some event. Life on Earth is a big drama, it should not be taken too seriously.
  422. We are God experiencing who we are in a material existence. At some point we will all reunite and then burst apart and start the unending circle all over again.
  423. I now see how my own poor choices are not aligned with the love I know from God. Our attitudes within our hearts need to be like God's so we can have a relationship with God.
  424. For the first time in my life I understood and experienced what it means to just 'be'. I am still amazed at how profound yet simple it is.
  425. As I understood what it meant to just 'be', another level of understanding entered my soul. I perceived that we are part of the infinite, yet individual selves at the same time. But there was no 'time', all just 'was'.
  426. I could feel what it was like to Love the way that God loves, and as that happened my 'heart' opened and I felt my soul touching that of the Creator.
  427. After the accident I had a dream where I was given a chance to see the essence of humanity in its raw form, when hatred rules the soul. It was shown for the purpose of comparison and I am not inclined to delve further.
  428. I suddenly felt a tremendous sense of peace, forgiveness, and universality. I felt how all things are connected.
  429. Time is not linear in the way we see it on Earth, there is no yesterday, today, or tomorrow. All things are intertwined and they flow in a rhythm without actually moving.
  430. I understood why and how God has always been present and ever will be.
  431. Our experience on Earth is like a stage set where the divine beings observe, influence, and minister to individuals as they make their choices and move toward or away from God.
  432. I could see and understand that my fear was an obstacle to knowing God, not just for me but for all. The fear of death and lack of trust in God leads to the greed that makes life so difficult for so many.
  433. Fear is what blocks everything that we desire in life, and I don't mean money, fame, power, sex and other related worldly desires. I mean things that we desire innately as souls.
  434. I was given the understanding that I was the one who removed myself from the benefits of love by the anger I nurtured because of some experiences I had while growing up.
  435. I saw how others can either benefit or be negatively affected by my energy. I was shown how my negative emotions and feelings about life were being projected onto others.
  436. We must change our own consciousness in order to experience the higher frequencies of love, peace and joy that I was part of. We must truly become what we want to be.
  437. Instead of fuming in anger over the corruption and dishonesty that is so prevalent in the world I now create loving feelings and project that energy into the situation.
  438. I went to the beginning, to a place before the universe existed. All the souls were in a kind of a sea where the boundaries between individuals were not as defined, like waves in the ocean.
  439. I was amazed how I had experienced multiple eternities in the minute or so I was unconscious. I now understand that linear time is an illusion we experience on Earth.
  440. The review of my life up to the point of the car accident made it very clear that every thought, word, and action affects everything in the entire universe, including plants and animals.
  441. When we review our lives we judge ourselves, no one else does. We can't hide anymore with no ego left and no lies to justify or deflect responsibility for what we have done.
  442. We can create our own heaven or hell depending on what we do in life. All the hatred and violence we see in the world is of our own making, God would never choose this for us.
  443. I looked down at the Earth and could see many spirits leaving their bodies and moving away from the Earth. They had what looked like clouds above their heads that prevented them from seeing the light and love above them.
  444. I looked down and saw beings that would come up from the Earth and then go down away from the light. They went to some sort of void or darkness again and again. It was clear they were creating this experience.
  445. I understood that it was their choice to stay away from the Light, there was no separate God or devil punishing them. They could not see the Light in their hearts and minds because of their past and present thoughts and habits.
  446. I looked at Earth and saw that humanity is currently balanced on edge between destruction and a better way of life for everyone. And be sure that the Light is not going to interfere, we will create it all.
  447. The emotions I experienced were so unlike anything known in my life on Earth. I realized that our feelings of love and compassion are ultimately what holds everything together.
  448. Our thoughts, words, and actions on Earth prevent us from experiencing the love and light of God while incarnated. It is our individual choice to move close to God, it does not come from some separate entity.
  449. My experience was definitely more real than the dream world we can create with our ego and anger. What happened was more real than what I have experienced since in life on Earth.
  450. He had come to this place to help teach the importance of humility to this group, because their self-absorption had blocked their own progression.
  451. It was explained and I understood that individuals who acted with a casual disregard for life, taking selfish risks like drug use, drunk driving or any action that could lead to one's death were considered a kind of suicide.
  452. He was there on the other side to teach these recently deceased individuals that their inability to get beyond themselves is preventing their progress.
  453. I now understand that many of those who have died arrive with many worldly desires fully intact. It would seem that dying and arriving on the other side would cause instant enlightenment, but this is not the case.
  454. I was given to understand that one's religion on Earth is not what is important. What matters is who the person was in life, not which group they belonged to or what they did or did not believe in.
  455. I learned that you are who you are, the self that you know will always remain. We are working toward oneness with God, learning to love divinely as God does. We will all return to the light eventually.
  456. I had always been bewildered that the God I so fervently believed in and was taught to trust could do no better than the chaos and suffering I witnessed on Earth. Now I understand and am filled with gratitude.
  457. I was shown how every single aspect of our lives are determined by spiritual laws that we choose ourselves. We can never assume that we know why each being lives the life that they do.
  458. I had always held the idea that my every less than perfect action was being watched by God and judged with anger. But having seen myself and others from a higher frequency I now want to live in joy rather than guilt and worry.
  459. It was such a miraculous feeling to surrender the burden of my own anger and judgments, many of which I was not even aware that I had.
  460. I explored the mind (or energetic pattern) of a person I considered my sworn enemy. Coming back I could feel nothing but love for this person.
  461. I felt my higher self having compassion on my lower, child-like self that had been so ignorant and juvenile. I wanted my lower self to be filled with love and joy, and to find peace and balance.
  462. I did not experience God as an old man in a white robe seated on a throne. Even the idea of the name 'God' is inadequate to the reality. The Highest is within everything and will forever expand, create, and experience.
  463. I was shown fields of crops all over the Earth. A field of wheat would come close and I would be told: 'The food has been altered and Is no longer pure. If humankind does not return to the Earth, death will ensue.'
  464. I came back with the understanding that what had previously seemed distinctly 'good' or 'bad' ultimately unites as good. Now I trust that everything is in its right place, even with all the bad decisions being made on Earth.
  465. My desire to analyze life that I developed through religious examples and my own nature has almost disappeared. I no longer try judge things as 'good' or 'bad', I don't want to frame things into my perceptions.
  466. Humility is so essential to spiritual progress. Many human problems are the result of pride, fear, and selfishness. I pray for humankind to realize that we are part of a whole, life is not meant to be a competition.
  467. Every living thing on Earth is consciousness experiencing life. We are learning how to love, create, and develop to the highest we can be.
  468. I now choose what feels right for me and trust much more than I had before. I have learned to not worry about things I have no control over.
  469. I know that the universe is ordered and will return to balance. The universe does not exist without balance and will return to it with or without human input.
  470. I was not aware of how my mind always tried to label, judge, or compare everything I encountered. Even if I had positive thoughts about something it was still judging one thing as better than another. It is still divisive.
  471. I was able to move around Earth and could feel the individual vibration and energetic pattern of continents, countries, cities, and families. Every human group is like an organism with its own influence and purpose.
  472. My prayers have become opportunities to connect, feel, and receive rather than to plead, worry, or ask forgiveness.
  473. The question of was Jesus a myth and whether certain details of his story are facts or not has become unimportant. Now I focus on his primary teaching: 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.'
  474. I realized that I had seen myself as a helpless victim for so long. I no longer depend on outside sources to fix problems and have realized my power to transform from within.
  475. I had become totally self-absorbed in my pain and sorrows and had stagnated in all personal progress. I let go of all the labels that doctors had given me for my problems and changed the way I thought about myself.
  476. Love poured over me like warm water. Jesus looked like the poster in my Sunday school class. I was told: 'That is right. God appears in a familiar form.'
  477. My emotions were heightened and accelerated into pure light energy where there is no space or time. I felt more alive than I had ever felt in my entire Earthly life.
  478. I was told that I must control my feelings and thoughts and that I must stay connected to the universal laws of energy our Creator has designed for our success and happiness.
  479. We are already free but it is each individual's choice to recognize this. We are all on different levels, understanding our choices and spiritual awareness of ourselves.
  480. The divisions we have created on Earth are the result of an ignorant mindset used to create fear. In the infinite universe there is nothing separate, this includes the terrorist standing next to you.
  481. Words are not able to describe the enhancement of human nature that unfolds when we are taken to higher dimensions of existence, each unique to the individual.
  482. I do not judge people and whatever they see as the truth. We all see things from different perspectives that are needed at a particular time and place in our lives.
  483. Those who go to 'hell' go there of their own choosing. They have already been forgiven, but they must forgive themselves.
  484. I was told that it was no accident each of those times my life had been spared. What I needed to learn in this life is so vital that I had to go back.
  485. It is hard to explain, but all I can say is that there have been times when I have felt connected to my higher self when I act out of love and seek community with others.
  486. On the other side the pressures to provide for the physical body do not exist. Over there we are taught what we are supposed to do, but the question on Earth is can you live it under the pressures of life on Earth?
  487. I was shown that some world events are planned occurrences, intended to collectively assess our spiritual growth.
  488. There is an essential choice involved in how we react to world events like economic turmoil: reach out and take care of each other or become more self-centered and possessive of our material goods.
  489. I was shown a darker place where those there did not seem to know that they had moved on from their bodies. They remained focused on material things and continually fought each other over them.
  490. Everything about me was already known. I am part of creation and the divine spark of God is within me, in cannot be otherwise. The Creator is all knowing and all loving, and we are all a part of it.
  491. In order for us to understand that we are part of divine love we must forgive ourselves our faults and shortcomings. By doing this we can understand that the Creator sees us only as Love.
  492. Before I returned to life, I was reminded that the only thing we can bring to the other side is love, the love we give away.
  493. I got a glimpse of the perfection, connection, and love of all things and for a moment understood the eternity of our experience.
  494. I know that what I think and feel about myself and others creates and affects my surroundings. I am the creative force within my own life.
  495. I learned that rigid beliefs are what keep us stuck within ourselves. I now understand that we focus too much on our outer selves and neglect what is inside.
  496. I became one with all existence yet retained a firm knowledge that I was me. Everything was good, all was love, and the purpose of human life is purely for experience and expansion.
  497. I no longer judge as harshly and I am no longer interested in being right. Love is all there is and God loves all of us deeply and equally, we are all divine.
  498. Our darkest times are our greatest teachers. They are not a curse but a blessing intended to assist us in learning what we come to Earth to attain.
  499. I learned to be true to my own values and myself, and to forgive without accepting negative actions from others. I also learned to be in the present as much as possible and not brood over problems.
  500. Never judge others, but try to understand where they are coming from. Seek peace and understanding first.