Learning from Near Death Experiences

About nde-insights.net

A Near Death Experience (NDE) is an individual experience of a different consciousness than we know in our lives on Earth. Near Death Experiences occur while the body has clinically died or nearly so, but the person 'comes back' and is able to remember their experience and tell their story. The accounts of those who have been to the 'other side' and returned have fascinated us for centuries.

Near Death Experiences are compelling for many reasons, but of particular interest is how each experience is unique yet similar. There are many aspects shared by NDEs: being removed from the body, feeling that time does not exist, moving towards a light, a profound sense of peace and understanding, and intense feelings of love and acceptance.

But what do their experiences have to teach us? What are the themes and commonalities of the thousands of experiences recorded in books, television shows or the internet? nde-insights.net seeks to distill key lessons, themes, and concepts from thousands of NDEs into individual insights.

We can choose to believe Near Death Experiences or not, but either way they offer answers to the eternal questions of what life is and the nature of existence. Thank you for visiting and may we all choose to practice conscious love in our lives, it is the most important thing we can do.

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